Cool functions for realistic role-play!

The four portions of ice cream in the flavours of vanilla, chocolate, stracciatella, and strawberry can be removed from their compartments and place into an ice cream cone or bowl with the help with of integrated magnets and the switch on the ice cream scoop. If you want more ice cream, you can stack the scoops! Next, the ice cream can be decorated with the whipped cream/soft-serve ice cream dispenser. With just one press of the button, the whipped cream or soft-serve ice cream comes out of the dispenser - almost like in a real ice cream cafe! A small compartment under the ice cream containers can be used to store accessories or additional toys such as play money and wallets. And there's even an educational game to be played: the predetermined positions of the scoops of ice cream are illustrated with the colour-coded compartments. That makes it easier for younger children to sort them!

Role-play with a learning effect!

Playing in play kitchens and play stores plays an important pedagogical role in children's role-play and is one of the most popular things to role-play for both young and old! Children love to imitate adults' everyday lives from different perspectives; this allows them to try out different roles and practise their social and communication skills. They have a preference for situations that they personally deal with often and that they know from their own everyday experiences, or that they particularly like. Preparing food and processing foodstuffs are especially important here. How lovely it is for children to run their own ice cream cafe in the nursery! What child doesn't love sweet treats and cool ice cream?

The giving and taking of objects is a beneficial part of "playing ice cream" which is an important learning process during childhood development on the one hand, and which promotes the development of motor skills on the other. These actions are a very integral part of play ice cream stands! This kind of playing also requires language skills and the ability to communicate in order to be understood by one another. Finally, it's great to be able to independently and proudly order "one strawberry ice cream with whipped cream and one chocolate ice cream in a bowl, please"! There will be no lack of creative ideas and awareness of culinary enjoyment - guaranteed!

Perfectly equipped

  • Ice cream scoop and soft-serve ice cream/whipped cream dispenser with magnet function
  • 8 different "flavours" of ice cream, from ice lollies and ice cream scoops to soft-serve ice cream
  • Stackable ice cream scoops equipped with magnets
  • Large and small ice cream cones, ice cream bowl with spoons plus decorative waffle pieces and decorative cherries for inserting
  • Ice cream display area with plastic viewing window, colour-coded ice cream compartments for the ice cream scoops with matching colours
  • Freezer for ice lollies with transparent lid with a stopper
  • Accessories stand with little flags and a writable chalkboard
  • Gender-neutral, subtle colour design with lots of visible wood material


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at small foot since
Why do you like working for small foot?
Because I think it's great to share my imagination with children.
What's something you particularly like about small foot toys?
I consider wood to be the most charming material to make children's toys with. That's why I think it's wonderful that we at small foot are able to give our attention to finding shapes as early as the development stage in order to avoid waste. All of us appreciate wood, and we're being mindful not to waste any of it!
What is your favorite small foot toy?
11505, I simply love everything about the Nordic Toolbox with its drill! Even the bits which can be swapped out! The Toolbox joins a great series which is both modern and minimalist in its design, and works great for both boys and girls.