Logisteck Learning Game in a new apple look

What's the secret to the success of Logisteck games? They offer the right mix of fun and learning! This is especially true of the new Logisteck Apple, the new Category Champion which offers long-lasting entertainment while making a great impression as a decorative item thanks to its great design and high-quality solid wood material!

It's a motor activity apple that can do more!

So logical! Because Logisteck games are like puzzles, only more interesting! In this case, logic and dexterity will help the happy caterpillars on their way through the apple! With this educational vertical shape-fitting game, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and three dimensional perception will be trained without sacrificing any of the fun. One seed of the apple core is darker than the others and is found in the same spot on each level, which makes it easier for young tinkerers to put everything together correctly and serves as a control mechanism!

Product features that impress 100%:

  •  An educational vertical shape-fitting game that's just like a puzzle, only more interesting!
  • A robust, brightly coloured insert apple made of solid wood with a child-friendly design
  •  Challenging learning fun, since there's only one correct path to the end!
  • 2-in-1: With bright, merry colours and the decorative felt leaf, this shape-fitting apple is simultaneously a learning game and nursery decoration!
  • Promotes logical thinking
  • Trains hand-eye coordination
  • Trains three-dimensional perception through recognition of the different levels
  • Trains fine motor skills

Logisteck promotes development in a special way:

  • Looking closely, thinking, testing, and finding the right hole; discovering the right order of insertion is a great challenge for children
  • A game that offers long-lasting entertainment and trains young tinkerers' endurance
  • A unique functional principle trains spatial perception
  • Trains gripping movements and the pincer grip
  • Particularly practical: The solution is included (the black seed is always in the same spot)
  • Wood is trendy! Soft, smooth wood is much more haptically pleasant than plastic toys