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Supersized Pets Motor Activity Cube

With this exciting motor activity cube, the goal is to discover a different game on each of the cube's sides: there's plenty of playing and learning fun for children aged 12 months and older on 8 playable surfaces. Each side serves to promote the development of toddlers' fine motor skills – from the sliding maze to the shape-fitting and tile-turning games, they'll all train motor skills, and the threading/colour-sorting game helps train children's finger coordination. The construction game with screws and tools also helps develop patience and dexterity, while the doorbell and gate latch provide great acoustic stimulation. A highlight is the reversible lid with a chalkboard which can be secured without tools and is equipped with bead mazes and rails on the reverse side.

EXTRA: The removable lid is also usable as a drawing table and a play surface for the floor, while the interior of the motor activity cube offers lots of storage space for the ample accessories comprised of threading elements, dog bones that function as tools, large wooden screws, shape-fitting pieces, wooden building blocks, and other wooden pieces (bushes, tents, a dog and a cat, street barricades, and on-ramps).

Product features that impress 100%

  • XXL motor activity cube made of robust wood 8 playable sides incl. a sliding labyrinth, a shape-fitting game, a spinning tiles game, a threading/colour sorting game, and a construction game
  • Acoustic stimulation with the doorbell and gate latch
  • detailed illustrations explain the everyday life of the animals
  • Detachable, reversible lid with a chalkboard that can be mounted without tools, bead mazes and toy train tracks
  • Lid can also be used as a surface for painting or playing on the floor (combinable with common toy train tracks)
  • Cube interior offers storage space for the extensive accessories
  • Rubber feet

A life with pets – The theme for kids:

This motor activity cube made of robust wood is as big as the cat and dog's friendship! The world of these two friends is brought to life on all of the sides of the cube: the dog and cat get fed (here, children can open the container closed with a rubber band and put things through the openings into their food bowl), the doghouse can be repaired with the large wooden screws, the cats play with the ball of wool under the threading garland or pay the dog a visit and meow at his garden gate. The two animals play together under the tree or go to sleep in their little bed. Sometimes the dog can accompany their human friends to school via the chalkboard, or both pets can accompany their families on a camping holiday.


XXL Pets Motor Activity Cube

from 12 months
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Wood – More than just a construction material!

Are you looking for environmentally sustainable toys without wanting to sacrifice function and design? If so, then the small foot Pets Motor Activity Cube is just the thing! With age-appropriate play functions and lots of wood material, this motor activity toy is an absolute must-have for every nursery. Children aged 1 year and up in particular will benefit and learn without being overwhelmed by piercing, artificial noises and light effects. And there's one more positive thing that's important now more than ever: wood transmits germs significantly less than plastic!

Good to know!

  • Motor activity cubes with particularly child-friendly themes strongly encourage children to tell stories and do show-and-tell while also promoting the development of their vocabulary and speech
  • Motor activity cubes are especially versatile learning toys for toddlers aged one year and older, and they promote age-appropriate, child-friendly development and challenges in a playful way without parents having to buy many separate toys
  • Children also benefit from the encouragement to interact and the acquisition of basic facts about pets
  • Motor activity cubes are not only very educational; they're also the entertaining favourites in the nursery and offer long-lasting activities with numerous different functions that stimulate play