Hammering, sawing, screwing - Just like the grown-ups!

Do-it-yourself is totally trendy at the moment! The Miniwob series make a great impression with an attractive mix of products and a fantastic price-performance ratio. Workbenches, tool boxes, tool belts, and others are perfectly complementary to each other and provide long-lasting, environmentally friendly playtime fun for both girls and boys thanks to the high proportion of wood material. For example, children can also take part in the assembly of the workbench which offers space for their first fantasy-filled sketches. The tool belt can be easily adjusted to the child's individual figure and is perfectly equipped for all projects with its adjustable pipe wrench and wooden spanner wrench. In the tool box are tools such as a carpenter's square with a spirit level and a handy toy electric screwdriver which has bits that can be swapped out via magnets. The construction set provides the children's workshop with the perfect creative toys for young, aspiring mechanics: with this wooden construction set, young tinkerers can let off steam creatively and create their own unique constructions.

Wood - More than just a construction material

The robust, natural material wood promises to bring long-lasting playtime fun and often accompanies children over many years; beloved wooden toys are often passed down from generation to generation. This warm, pleasant raw material speaks to all the senses and fits timelessly into the interior design of any nursery with its calm, workshop-typical designs.

Hammering, sawing, screwing - Paying a visit to the Mini Working Buddies in the children's workshop

Children love stories full of mystery! The Mini Working Buddies ("Miniwobs" for short) are telling their very own story: they're filled to the brim with a desire for action and are bubbling over with ideas that they want to implement together with children. But if adults are nearby, they hide themselves either on or inside the new workshop toys from small foot.

What makes role-playing in the children's workshop so valuable

Today, toys are no longer mere pastimes. They are much more used for training fine and gross motor skills, often as a great additional effect. For example, when it's suddenly easier for children to put on their own shoes, it's often thanks to toys which playfully promoted their development. Easy-to-operate screws and nuts are an important part of the products in the Miniwob series and will lead young, aspiring craftsmen and -women to big successes. Children love to be creative and tinker with their own ideas. To make their own creations according to their own ideas contributes decisively to the development of children's power of imagination. Whether together with Mama or Papa, with siblings or even just alone, workshop toys are a great creative pastime for the whole year.


Construction Set "Miniwob"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today


Workbench "Miniwob"

from 3 years
Expected to be available from 01.12.2021


Workbench compact "Miniwob"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today


Tool Belt "Miniwob"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today


Toolbox "Miniwob"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today
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After the birth of my first baby, I placed a lot of value on sustainable materials. The wooden Balls of Fun Rattle unites two things: sustainable material and a child-friendly baby toy. The noises that the rattle makes really made my baby grin and laugh. I especially like the fact that the rattle fit in the hand well and is saliva-proof. In their first months, babies really like putting toys in their mouths and experiencing them with all their senses. The German TÜV certification gave me peace of mind when buying the small foot Lotta the Lamb Bead Rattle.