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Urban Villa Doll House

For most girls, a perfectly equipped doll house is the absolute dream toy. With the small foot Urban Villa Doll House, the dolls' living space will become a true residential dream thanks to the realistically detailed rooms, sophisticated architecture, and many functional and visual details: with three levels, this doll villa also makes an impression with its bright, modern, yet subtle colour scheme on the outside and inside. The eat-in kitchen and living room, nursery, bathroom, bedroom, and a recessed balcony (loggia) offer lots of open space for fantasy-filled playing. The stairs, a sliding door, windows that can be opened, nightstands with drawers and a real bell that announces visitors are great additions to the 12 pieces of wooden furniture and many accessories that make playtime perfect. The open front side makes playing easier and allows multiple children to play with the doll house simultaneously.



"Who didn't dream of a great doll house as a kid? We're completely happy with this dream house from small foot. It's large enough to be played with by older children too, and the lovely wooden dolls impressed me with their very high-quality design."

Perfectly Equipped

  • Large, stable wooden doll house with a richly detailed interior and exterior design
  • Open front side makes playing easier
  • 3 floors connected with 2 stairwells
  • 5 rooms + loggia offer space for fantasy-filled playing
  • Ample plastic furniture with wooden details for realistic playtime fun
  • With sliding door, openable windows, and nightstands with drawers
  • Doll guests are always welcome! The highlight is the real bell that rings!


Urban Villa Doll House

from 3 years
Immediately ready to ship

Compact Urban Villa Dollhouse

Big playtime fun in a small space! The new Compact Urban Villa Doll House is the smaller alternative to the large Urban Villa Doll House. This modern wooden dollhouse with an open front makes a fantastic impression with artistic details, decorative accents, and a modern interior style. A combined kitchen, living room, and dining room, a bedroom, and a bathroom as well as a rooftop terrace and a front garden offer boundless possibilities for imaginative play and active role play. The open living concept, the winding staircase, and windows that open, and a modern floor-level shower with a wall made of Plexiglass come together with eight functional pieces of furniture and textile elements such as bed linens and pillows to make a lovely eye-catcher in the nursery.
The highlights of this compact dollhouse are the large rooftop terrace with seats and banisters, the toilet with an openable seat cover, and kitchen cabinets and a refrigerator with doors and drawers for a particularly realistic playtime experience.



"Guaranteed playtime fun at the highest level – our twins love this dollhouse and often play with it extensively for long periods of time. The consistently harmonious setup, the colours, and the shapes just go so wonderfully well together and make a really lovely scene in our nursery."

Product features that impress 100%

  • 3 rooms, 1 rooftop terrace, and 1 front garden offer space for imaginative play
  • Comprehensive, functional furniture made of plastic with wooden details for a realistic playtime experience
  • Light exterior facade and modern colour scheme
  • Compact, stable wooden dollhouse that's richly detailed on the inside and outside
  • Open front facilitates playability
  • 2 floors connected with a winding staircase


Compact Urban Villa Dollhouse

from 3 years
Immediately ready to ship

Which learning effect do doll houses promote?

The ever-important role-playing
In the richly detailed minature world of a doll house, children can imitate and reflect on their everyday experiences and reflect on what they experience and learn in their reality. While role-playing, they have the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild, come up with their own ideas, and process their daily experiences. A doll house offers both girls and boys an equal chance to slip into different roles - regardless of whether they're playing together with friends or alone with the doll house dolls as play partners.

Promoting the development of social skills
In addition, children learn important social skills when playing with dolls. When children play "house" (mother-father-child) - or other family constellations - they imitate the experiences they have from day to day. Is a family comprised of a doll Mum, doll Dad, children, and grandparents moving in, or will there be a mixed, motley living community? Compatible bending dolls can open all kinds of potential play constellations! The young ones learn to put themselves in the shoes of the another person, exercise empathy, social togetherness, and how to process experiences and articulate feelings.

Training for motor skills
When decorating and setting up the doll house rooms and spaces, creativity and a sense for design is required - but so are fine motor skills! Handling the smaller dolls and the considerably filigree furniture and decorations requires a certain finger dexterity which develops more and more when playing.

More about the author

Lena, Marketing Manager

at small foot since
2 Children, A girl (5 years), and a boy (2 years)
Why do you like working for small foot?
I like the informal, personal atmosphere. The individual departments work together like big gears and use teamwork to create a wide range of high-quality products which have been accompanying children for now over 30 years.
What's something you particularly like about small foot toys?
The focus on wood as a material, the loving details (e.g. the graffiti on product 11377 (Freight Train Station with Accessories), the exclusive designs.
What is your favorite small foot toy?
The Houses of Locks! Kids loves keys, and their first attempts to open different kinds of locks playfully trains their fine motor skills. I'm impressed by the high level of long-lasting playtime value and the possbility to lock up little treasures!

After the birth of my first baby, I placed a lot of value on sustainable materials. The wooden Balls of Fun Rattle unites two things: sustainable material and a child-friendly baby toy. The noises that the rattle makes really made my baby grin and laugh. I especially like the fact that the rattle fit well in the hand and is saliva-proof. In their first months, babies really like putting toys in their mouths and experiencing them with all their senses. The German TÜV certification gave me peace of mind when buying the small foot Balls of Fun Rattle.