Doll furniture for children

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Our "Little Button" Product Series

When it comes to girls' favourite toys, dolls are typically at the top of their wish lists – but the role-play and doll's gear in the nursery becomes perfect once they have the right doll furniture and other accessories made of robust, environmentally sustainable wood! The doll furniture of today should also be visually appealing in its design – lovely eye-catchers in the children's nursery and living area are in-demand! The "Little Button" series with its linear, Scandinavian structure and unostentatious design are perfectly trendy!


Doll's Cradle "Little Button"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today


Doll's Wardrobe "Little Button"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today


Doll's Pram "Little Button"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today


Doll's Highchair "Little Button"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today


Doll's Loft Bed "Little Button"

from 3 years
Expected to be available from 28.01.2022

Product features of the "Little Button" doll furniture series

  • Modern, linear language of form
  • Scandinavian design, minimalist look, and unostentatious colour scheme
  • High-quality manufacturing and stable construction
  • Functional design
  • Visible solid wood elements and rounded edges for pleasant haptics
  • For dolls and plush animals up to 46 cm long
  • For a particularly realistic playtime experience and creative play

"Little Button" Doll Furniture

THE favourite under the Christmas tree

  • Usable as a rocking cradle and lounge chair
  • Comes with canopy and mobile
  • Runners and canopy are detachable
  • Reversible, gender-neutral bed linens, oversized blanket
  • "spiel gut" award: For more than 60 years, the independent "spiel gut" quality seal has been distinguishing toys with a special playtime value that fulfill the highest safety and quality criteria


Doll's Cradle "Little Button"

from 3 years
Ready to ship today

Put them to sleep, sway them, feed them, and dress them like the grown-ups!

The popular small foot "Little Button" doll furniture assortment includes a doll loft bed, a wardrobe, a cradle, a multifunctional high chair, and a pram. With their exceptionally lovely yet simple design in a Scandinavian look, versatile functionality, and high-quality manufacturing, all young doll parents' wishes will be fulfilled. Sturdily built with high-quality manufacturing, rounded edges, and visible solid wood elements, this doll furniture offers dolls and stuffed animals with sizes up to 46 cm a stylish play accessory for the nursery.

Dolls and stuffed animals for personality development

Even younger children can understand that Mum and Dad can't be right by their side around the clock. This process of letting go can be difficult for children, but it's an important step in their personality development. It's precisely at this point that stuffed animals and dolls come into play because they soothe young children when Mum and Dad aren't immediately accessible. Kids often build close relationships with their dolls and stuffed animals that last for years and they seek consolation, warmth, and comfort when cuddling with them.

Important role-play for children

In addition, children learn important social skills when playing with dolls. By playing "house" with a father, mother, and child – or other family structures – they imitate experiences from their everyday lives while role-playing. In role play, children take on the role of the parent while the doll represents themselves. The young ones learn to put themselves in the caretaker's role, practise empathy and social togetherness, and learn to process feelings and experiences. At the same time, children practise assuming responsibility and treating people with kindness. This is particularly helpful when a young sibling is on the way or already there. Last but not least, playing with dolls trains motor skills when taking the dolls' clothes on and off, changing their diaper, feeding them, pushing them around in a pram, or carrying them – and this is perfect for the development of both fine and gross motor skills!

Can boys play will dolls? The answer is clear: Yes!

Gendering and children's toys is a popular discussion topic these days, and even if gender-specific preferences for toys cannot be done away with completely, gender-neutral toys are the theme of today! Dolls and doll furniture especially are for everyone, regardless of old or young, boy or girl! Role-playing with dolls and doll furniture in the nursery is incredibly important for the playful learning of empathy and social skills during childhood development – and the caring boys of today will be the fathers of tomorrow! On top of that, not every girl is necessarily doll-crazy and perhaps prefers toy cars and stuffed animals in their doll prams while turning her nose up at the cute, pink, and glittery doll furniture! What is suitable for these girls is also on the minds of many parents: modern, simple white tones, gender-neutral, high-quality, environmentally sustainable wooden doll furniture are truly in-demand, and "Little Button" from small foot has the perfect answer for this!