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Baby toys with a soft look and a mix of natural materials!

🌊💙 A fresh sea breeze for the nursery with "Seaside"! A soft look, a mix of natural materials, and modern colours – the baby toys of the new small foot product line "Seaside" awaken even the youngest chil'r'n's curiosity and encourage them to explore the world around them with all their senses in any way that they can. During the development of these special (wooden) toys, we made sure that the grip toys, teething rings, cuddly blankets, and other products fit well in a baby's hand and can be put in the baby's mouth and fully touched and grasped. The Seaside Baby Swing offers babies a calm place of peace and quiet where they can look around them, dream, and relax, and the stand-up figurine in the form of a small otter offers a special, fascinating pastime.

Laying down, exploring, swinging gently – It's all possible in the comfy Baby Swing!

  • A particularly comfortable baby swing
  • The woven fabric of the laying surface forms itself to the shape of the child's body optimally
  • High-quality processed, rounded wood for pleasant feel and very high safety
  • Comes with soft, removable cushion that can be secured to the swing with loops and is decorated with high-quality embroidery
  • Incl. 3-point belt for additional safety and a detachable grip/bite ring
  • The highly visible wood and other natural materials and the trendy smoky blue colour make this baby hammock an absolute eye-catcher
  • Attachment of other accessories such as a dummy/pacifier or toy is possible
  • Goes together great with other products from the "Seaside" product line.


Baby Swing "Seaside"

from 6 months
Immediately ready to ship

A little lovable otter – and a fascinating baby toy for young explorers!

  • Cute stand-up toy made of wood that looks like an otter
  • The otter stands back up on its own when pushed
  • A bell ball inside the toy provides acoustic stimulation
  • Smoothly shaped from robust solid wood with loving cotton details
  • A great first toy for babies that excites the senses and invites children to touch and feel
  • Modern colour scheme with natural colour gradients and lots of visible solid wood material
  • Ideal gift for a newborn or christening
  • Goes together great with other baby toys from the "Seaside" product line


Baby Stand-Up Toy "Seaside"

from 8 months
Immediately ready to ship

3-piece starter set – Ideal for baby's first set of toys!

  • 3-piece starter set with classic baby toys
  • Sea otter: A grip toy and rattle in one
  • Dragonfly grip toy: the wings have crinkling foil, and the flexible haptic pearls are held together with elastic band and have ridges in order to speak to all the senses
  • Cotton baby cloth as a comfort blanket and a cloth for drool; with a loop for attaching
  • Ideal gift set for a newborn
  • Highly visible wood and other natural materials, rounded edges, soft shapes, and modern colours
  • Fabric with high-quality embroidery
  • Goes together great with other baby toys from the "Seaside" product line


Baby Toy Set "Seaside"

from 0 months
Immediately ready to ship

Wooden toys for babies – Environmentally sustainable and safe!

When it comes to safety, small foot baby toys meet all of the common safety and quality standards, and are put through extensive testing by independent inspection institutions as well as at our own headquarters in the form of intensive quality and safety testing with inspection instruments. 20,000 random sample tests a year continue to demonstrate the safety of small foot toys. In these random sample tests, the paints, varnishes, and materials are regularly tested for toxic substances (in accordance with norm EN 71-3), and for products for kids aged 12 months old and younger, they're also tested for saliva- and sweat-proofness (in accordance with DIN 53160).

This is why wooden baby toys are better than plastic toys

Did you know? You usually only need a moist cloth to clean wooden toys. Wood also has natural antibiotic properties. Compared to plastic surfaces, viruses and bacteria do not survive long on wood.

💡 Baby toys promote childhood development:

  • True-to-nature toys are particularly educationally valuable for babies: toys with natural and simple materials, functions, and shapes tend to allow for more diverse and creative play.
  • The bell ball inside the stand-up figurine offers excitement and auditory perception. Special details like hair and ears made of cotton and a handkerchief made of waffle jersey encourage kids to touch and feel them.
  • The 3-piece toy set includes a grip toy, a teething ring, and a blanket for cuddling that has crinkly foil and flexible haptic beads with ridges to stimulate multiple different senses.