Rainmaker Rainbow

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  • The balls in the interior of the rain stick make soft splashing noises which imitate the sound of rain
  • The transparent cylinders offer a view of the little balls in a glass look which tumble through six perforated plates in the shapes of flowers
  • Versatile other uses such as a rattle, a rhythm instrument, and a noise toy
  • This senses game has a calming effect on children while simultaneously training acoustic, auditory and visual perception
  • A special gift for infants and babies that trains their first motor skills
€9.99 *


Now that's what rain sounds like! The sound of gentle rain can be imitated with this rainmaker. Since it can be used in many ways as a rattle, a rhythm, a noise toy or a calming game for the senses, children won't be the only ones being carried away by its sounds. The rainmaker's transparent tube provides clear viewing of the little balls with a glass look which trickle down through the perforated plates in the shapes of flowers. This toy trains both acoustic and visual perception. Also suitable as a rattle and rolling toy for babies and infants.


Article number:
length approx. 19 cm, Ø approx. 5,5 cm
recommended minimum age
from 6 months

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