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Useful know-how that makes family life easier!

There's a lot to know about being a parent: You'll find all the tips and tricks here!

Sometimes it's the simple tips and tricks that can be a big help to parents. Here, we'll introduce you to helpful hints that will make being present as a parent and dealing with kids easier. With this advice regarding children and childcare, you'll be well-prepared for anything. Parenting life hacks from us to you!

Ideas for the Advent Calendar


"What goes into the Advent calendar for the kids?

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Make-your-own play store accessories – 10 DIY tips and simple crafting ideas


For those of you who don't want to simply purchase play store accessories and who love crafting, you can design your own play store product setups yourself.

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4 Simple Questions: How to determine your child’s learning style


Children learn in different ways. Some learn best with visual methods, others with auditory or kinaesthetic methods. Do you know how your child learns best? We’ll help you figure it out! Here are four simple questions to help you discover your child’s learning style – and understand how your child discovers the world.

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Clean children's hands are back in focus with the re-opening of schools and daycare centres!


Clean children's hands are back in focus with the re-opening of schools and daycare centres!

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10 Games and Learning Activities for Babies


Would you like to play more with your baby? We’ve got a few ideas! The following 10 games and learning activities promote your baby’s development – and entertain infants the best, guaranteed. We wish you lots of fun playing together and discovering new things!

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