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Whether it's baby's first toy, motor activities for infants, or learning toys for preschool- and school-aged children, wooden toys from small foot will accompany children for their entire lives and support them with their development. But it's not just the kids who are impressed - parents and bloggers are, too! This shows why small foot toys are real favourites in the nursery that make kids' childhood sweeter. In this category, we're introducing you to the loveliest toys and the newest trends. So you don't a single small foot favourite!


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The hen, hare, cow & their friends will bring an extra helping of playful motor activity fun!


The new small foot motor activity cube with educational functions and a lovingly-created farm design!

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A dwelling for the little dolls!


Come discover the small foot Urban Villa Doll House: the new favourite in the nursery!

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Ice-cold & selling like hotcakes: The Ice Cream Stand is the new favourite spot in the children's play store & play kitchen!


The small foot Ice Cream Stand "fresh" impresses with its surprising functions and design!

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A vacuum for the smallest kids: Baby walker meets role-playing toys!


Playfully imitate Mum and Dad doing the chores.

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Run, little snail! This multifunctional pull-along snail is the best companion for a child's first steps


Pulling, inserting, turning screws: this cute snail is three times the fun!

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Premium class doll furniture!


A stylish eye-catcher for the nursery and the living area!

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With the Mini working Buddies handicraft fun moves into the children's room!


The new workshop toys from small foot - fully equipped with attractive accessories

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Now things are getting wild! This baby walker in an exoctic croc look is a hit!


The 2-in-1 Crocodile Baby Walker is made to impress with functional and visual details!

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Walking is better than flying! Exotic baby walkers bring lots of fun while learning to walk!


The Toucan Baby Walker makes a great impression with all-encompassing multifunctionality.

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Four more small foot products have been distinguished with the spiel gut seal!


The working committee spiel gut e.V. has distinguished the Doll´s House Furniture Set Complete (Prod. 11414), the Multifunctional Play Store "fresh" (Art. 11436) and the Set of Baked Goods "fresh" (Art. 11437) and Cold and Frozen Products Set "fresh" (Art. 11441) from the brand small foot with the spiel gut seal.

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This car park Champion belongs in every nursery!


The best toy car park on the market - With product highlights that impress.

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