Our Values

Carefree instead of just safety

The safety of our toys is our duty, and carefree parents are our goal. We are certified above and beyond the legal requirements, and therefore we make sure that playtime fun is not ruined by feelings of insecurity.

Carrying environmental responsibility

We´re guaranteeing a good ecological balance with the durability of our products and by using wood from sustainable, renewable forestry operations. That´s how we make sure that nature will be maintained for our children.

Playing and playfully learning

Children learn the most important things for their future lives when they´re playing. And to support that, we provide them with a sophisticated toy design guided by pedagogical approaches that results in fun as well as a learning effect.

Our favourite material: wood

Natural, renewable, warm and perfectly shapeable - There´s no better material for children´s hands that the world could have "conceived". In addition, it´s also been a symbol for creative power and being down-to-earth since the dawn of mankind.

Our History

How long have we been here? What have we been up to in recent years? Where are we heading to from here? And what does the foot in the logo actually mean? Our history goes back all the way to the 80s. Maybe we already know each other and you have played with our toys yourself.


Natural and sustainable! The brothers Holger and Ingo Legler found the Legler trading firm. The first products were marketing products made of natural wood.


Concentrating on what´s really important! The Legler trading firm shifts focus to wooden toys. The goal: pedagogical wooden toys at fair prices that bring a smile to children´s faces.


A brand is born! In 2002, Ingo Legler´s daughter was born. Her footprint becomes the logo for the small foot brand and the symbol of our wooden toys.


The digital age advances! The acquisition of small foot toys is now available to all of Europe online.


We´re growing! In 2013, we already have 176 employees who provide families and children all over Europe with small foot toys.


More than just toys! The small foot brand focuses even more on pedagogical approaches and continues to be comprehensively informed about playing and learning during a child´s early years.

Our Product Design

Our product designers have the greatest and most difficult job there is. Surrounded by toys from all across the world, they design new products according to standards of fun and pedagogy which are safe and fun for children and which ensure playful learning. And it´s all done with the goal of making childhood the best phase of life and to create new, unique playtime experiences.

Our Partners

We walk hand-in-hand with responsibility. In order to realise this during the entire value creation process, we work together with well-known partners. This is how we´re making the world a little better - from forestry and working conditions to product safety.


Many of our products come from sustainable forestry sources, and are officially certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This is so we can be sure that nature stays well-maintained and lively for our children, too.


We are official partners of the ICTI Care Committed Brands PLUS programme. With this, we ensure that child labour is avoided and that fair working conditions along the entire value creation process are maintained.


Our Lotta, Lex and Ludwig baby product series are inspected by the German inspection organisation TÜVRheinland. With this, we not only fulfil the legal safety requirements set by standard DIN EN 71, but exceed it. For safe and carefree playing.