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Contents of the online supply

The Legler OHG small foot company (in the following called author) guarantees not for topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. Demand of liability against the author, which refer on material or ideational damage, which through the use or not-use of the presented information or caused through the use of faulty and incomplete information are excluded in principle. provided that the author did not act intentionally or with gross negligence. All supplies are without engagement and non-binding. The author reserves particularly, parts of the sites or the complete supply without separate announcement to change, to complete, to delete or the publishing at times or discontinue once for all.

 References and links

With direct or indirect references on foreign sites which are outside the area of responsibility of the author, obligation of liability would only take force in the case that the author knew the contents and that it would be technologically possible and reasonably for him the use in the case illegal contents to prevent. The author declares therefore particularly, that at that point of time of the link setting the corresponding linked sites were free from illegal contents. The author has no influence on up-to-date and future lay-out and on the content of linked pages. Therefore he dissociates himself herewith particularly from contents of all linked web sites, which were changed after link setting. This assessment is valid for all inside the own internet supply set links and references, also for foreign entry in from the author opened visitor’s books, discussion forum and mailing lists. For illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and particularly for damages, caused by use or not-use of those information, is only the provider of the linked site legally responsible and not the one, whose site refers only to the publishing.

Extract from the German law about the use from Tele Services (TDG):

§ 5 responsibility

(1) Providers are responsible for there own contents, which they offer for use, according the common law.

(2) Providers are only responsible for foreign contents, which they offer for use, if they have knowledge about it and if it is technically possible and reasonable for them. preventing the use.

(3) Providers are not responsible for contents, which they only give access for use. An automatic and short-time reproach of foreign contents of cause of user inquiry is valid as access arrangement.

(4) Liabilities for locking of the use of illegal contents according to common law staying untouched, if the provider under preservation of the privacy of telecommunication according to § 85 of German Law of Telecommunication gets knowledge of those contents and a locking is technically possible and reasonable.

Law of originator- and number-plate

The author endeavours in all publications to pay attention to the copyright of the used graphics, tone/music video and text documents. The author will only use self created graphics, tone-/music/text-documents or will go back to graphics, tone-/music-/text-documents which are free of licence. All within the internet supply named and if necessary through a third party protected trademarks are subjected absolutely by the regulation of the respectively valid law of licence plate and the right of possession of each registered owner. Alone on due to the bare mentioning cannot concluded from, that the trademark is not protected by rights of third party! The copyright for published and from the author himself created objects remain only with the author of the web sites. Copy of those graphics, tone-/music-/text-documents, videos in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without the particularly approval of the author.

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