The small foot Crocodile Baby Walker makes an impression not only with its exotic croc look; it allows young, aspiring crocodile tamers to move about smoothly and quietly on its rubber-finished wheels. The integrated, individually adjustable braking system offers extra safety. In its pack, the cute crocodile has 24 different green wooden building blocks with printed patterns that look like crocodile scales. With the Crocodile Baby Walker, children will always have their favourite building blocks right at hand, regardless of where their path takes them. This means that this walking aid offers novice walkers not only accompaniment with their first steps, but also lots of playtime fun and haptic experiences when they're taking a break from walking! And here's another highlight: the crocodile's feet move happily about when it's moving, which is guaranteed to draw everyone's attention!

Perfectly equipped!

  • Particularly stable and non-tilting
  • Integrated braking system for controlled pushing
  • Rubber-finished wheels for quiet, safe rolling
  • Additional play possibilities with wooden building blocks, a shape-fitting game, a horn, butterfly valves, a labyrinth and gears
  • The crocodile's feet make "walking movements" when it's pushed
  • Rounded edges for more safety
  • Highly visible wood material

I know an animal … that's green and has big teeth!

Crocodiles and their wild world fascinate both young and old because they look so prehistoric, just like dinosaurs! Crocodiles do actually belong to one of the oldest species in the world. They've existed for around 230 million years and have some remarkable properties: even though crocodiles look somewhat ungainly, they're actually very clever - and fast! They can even really run. That's why we at small foot have chosen this great reptile as inspiration for our Crocodile Baby Walker. With the "Croco-Walker", young, aspiring crocodile tamers can move about safely and smoothly thanks to the rubber-finished wheels and individually adjustable braking system. This baby walker is based on its namesake: crocodiles often have a greenish colour, and you can always see all of their teeth, even when their mouth is closed. It looks like they're always smiling! Their scale armour made of keratin plates is also fascinating. These plates are the inspiration for the 24 different wooden building blocks that travel around with the crocodile. This baby walker comes in various green tones and lots of printed details, and offers a whole bunch of haptic and visual experiences!

Who wants to accompany the crocodile with its first steps on land?

Baby walkers are hugely popular with the youngest children because they lead the young adventurers to success literally step by step. Children love to stand on their own two feet! This is only one reason why learning to walk is a big milestone in a child's life! Good baby walkers are important, stabilising aids with those first, often unsteady steps. They provide safety while motivating kids to pursue their own mobility! This is how young children's range of movement and action is expanded step by step, all by themselves. These rolling walking aids are popular because they combine walking and playing. Important motor skills are developed when imaginatively building up towers of blocks, and cognitive skills are developed while sorting shapes, colours, and patterns, and while creating constructions from the wooden building blocks.


Crocodile Baby Walker

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Because I think it's great to share my imagination with children.
What's something you particularly like about small foot toys?
I consider wood to be the most charming material to make children's toys with. That's why I think it's wonderful that we at small foot are able to give our attention to finding shapes as early as the development stage in order to avoid waste. All of us appreciate wood, and we're being mindful not to waste any of it!
What is your favorite small foot toy?
11505, I simply love everything about the Nordic Toolbox with its drill! Even the bits which can be swapped out! The Toolbox joins a great series which is both modern and minimalist in its design, and works great for both boys and girls.