The perfect Wooden Horse for young horse fans!

Jumping, running, balancing - Children like to move! Exercise is important for children and a crucial part of a healthy life. That's especially true and important in these times when digital play takes over more and more of the nursery. When playing actively, children explore what their own bodies can do, and they develop a love for exercise and physical exertion. They playfully get to know their own bodies and control them while training their perception and dexterity.

There's a good reason why people say "Happiness on earth is found on the back of a horse!"

Many children - especially girls, love horses and dream of learning to ride them. It's a sport that gets kids moving and promotes exercise and body control. When riding horses, children can pursue their natural desire to move about, promote the development of their social competencies and sense of responsibility when interacting with the animals, and strengthen their self-confidence in their own skills.

Naturally, not every family wants or can afford a real horse. That's why it sometimes makes more sense to first get a large wooden horse to ride instead. And that's ideal because it activates children's role-playing and imaginations and promotes demands creativity in order to bring the wooden horse to life. They can pet it, care for it, and most importantly, ride on it! Kids will train their mobility and sense of body balance when vaulting, which unites fun with sport. In addition, riding on a horse's back is an acrobatic activity which trains both coordination and strength. When playing with toy horses outside with siblings or friends, children will also develop their social behaviours because they learn social behaviour patterns when interacting with other kids their age. That means that playing with a wooden horse combines role-playing with exercise outside while promoting the development of social and physical skills.


Wooden Horse

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Wooden Horse Saddle and Bridle Set

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What makes a good wooden horse?

A good wooden horse must be more than just ridable; it should also offer other play possibilities which activate role-playing and awake kids' imaginations. That's why it will ideally have extras such as a tail or mane to brush and braid or a head collar. Even better is if there's a real saddle on the horse or if you can put a saddlecloth on it. In addition, the horse must stand in a stable, solid way so that it can withstand the children's acrobatics. It should also be possible for children to get on the horse without help from their parents. And since riding outside is the most fun, a wooden horse should be weather-resistant, too.

The Wooden Horse (11664) brings all these features and more, and has the stuff to become all horse fans' absolute favourite! This large playing, riding, and vaulting horse playfully teaches young horseback riders about the basics of horses, ponies, and horseback riding. A mane and a tail made of sisal invite kids to style and braid them, and a mounting step makes it easy as child's play to get on top. The splayed-out legs ensure a safe and stable standing position. And here's something unique: behind the flap door on the rear end, there's a large storage space inside the horse's tummy for storing the head collar, cleaning supplies, and accessories. The head collar is included! The horse's back is designed in such a way that real saddles can fit on it and multiple children can fit on it. It's ideal for the garden or yard, or even the nursery! For longer use, the untreated wood can be painted with a wood preserving varnish however one wants. Whether it's the chestnut, the white horse, or the black horse - customers are free to design it how they wish. This riding pony is perfect for childhood role-playing. It makes children active with free and imagination-inspiring play opportunities and allows them to bring the horse play to life with their own creativity. There's no integrated technology that plays sounds when the kids press a button - they'll have to make their own whinnying sounds and clip-clopping of hooves!



"It's the perfect alternative for us as parents when it can't be a real horse. You can vault with it and it can be taken care of, and the children have loads of fun imitating Bibi & Tina while playing with it. We love our new Wooden Horse!"

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