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Trending Theme – Ocean: Motor activity toys for deep sea vibes in the nursery!

Somewhere beyond the sea
 đŸŽ¶ The blue whale is one of the largest animals of the world, and yet we only see it rarely in its own natural habitat. This graceful creature is the central point of this multi-talented motor activity toy from small foot tha''s the perfect companion for kids 12 months old and older. The Whale Baby Walker that's received several awards and the new Big Ocean Motor Activity Cube offer pure playtime fun and all sorts of "a-ha!" moments as the children explore the numerous functions. As babies become toddlers, their interests also change: they are more attentive and more mobile, and they want to grow up with all their might – the motor activity toys with the whale are the best support during this time. Children playfully learn without pressure while also training their fine and gross motor skills.

For novice walkers on tours of discovery!

  • Openable lid with anti-clamping protection
  • Integrated braking system for controlled pushing
  • Moving play elements for shape-fitting, pressing, and flipping for training (fine) motor skills
  • Rubber-finished wheels for quiet, safe rolling
  • Difficult to tip over with an integrated axle for stability
  • A turnable compass trains comprehension of cardinal directions and seasons
  • A chalkboard you can draw on
  • Lots of storage space for toys


Baby Walker Whale

from 12 months
Immediately ready to ship

For clever motor skills pros!

  • Sturdy wooden motor activity cube with five playable surfaces
  • Incl. two bead mazes, a shape-fitting game, a sliding maze, and a tile-turning game
  • Visually appealing with high-quality illustrations, a modern colour scheme, and lots of natural wood
  • Very space-saving: the removable lid can be stored inside the cube to save space
  • Repeating underwater motifs on all sides of the cube encourage curiosity and storytelling
  • Pleasant haptics thanks to the rounded edges
  • Trains comprehension of shapes and colours, promotes the development of dexterity and fine motor skills, and improves hand-eye coordination
  • Ideal accessory product for the Whale Baby Walker (Item 11608), the Big Ocean Music Box (Item 12215), and the Big Ocean Mobile (Item 12290)


Big Ocean Motor Activity Cube

from 12 months
Immediately ready to ship

💡 Motor activity toys promote childhood development – while still being fun!

  • When the baby toy is no longer needed, good motor activity toys will bring a breath of fresh air to your toy shelves!
  • The numerous different functions speak to all the senses and encourage kids to keep playing
  • They're intuitive; toddlers find it easier to play with the toys independently and for a longer time
  • With the high amount of wood material, small foot motor activity toys are particularly robust, durable, and sustainable – they can be multi-generational!
  • The darker, neutral blue tones fit in gently with any nursery and have a calming effect

Even babies are amazed by the blue whale!

The modern Big Ocean Mobile is a true eye-catcher in the nursery. The individual elements are also easy for babies to see thanks to their three-dimensional shapes! And since they therefore stimulate the visual and auditory senses, a Big Ocean Music Box also belongs in every nursery or kids' room. The lighthouse and sailboat figures circle each other while the popular German lullaby "Weißt du wieviel Sternlein stehen?" ("Do you know how many stars there are?") softly guides babies to slumber.


Musical box Great Ocean

from 3 years
Expected to be available from 13.02.2023


Large Ocean Mobile

Immediately ready to ship
  • published on 20.12.2022
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